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Dear BC Taxi Industry,

You find yourselves at a critical crossroads – fight old battles (which you have lost most of the time) or join forces and face the existential threat from our common enemy – ride-hailing. This is a threat that will do irreparable damage to the entire taxi industry and will not take any prisoners – of course most of the damage will happen in the City of Vancouver.

For months and probably years now, our industry has been advised to bring all 2,500 Metro Vancouver taxis on One App, so that we can respond to the customer service challenge posed by ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft. The choice before us is – can we come together and give our customers what they want – a reliable, safe and secure service option day in and day out, or are we going to arbitrate old battles that may provide lots of fodder for groups chats but do little to solve our common problems.

Let us forget our perennial differences and please, please, please come together and show the whole Province that we can work together and present the paying public with a viable solution that will meet the demands of the public and also protect our common interests and secure our jobs and investments for the foreseeable future.

Don’t worry about the 38 suburban taxis working in DT Vancouver, rather worry about how we are going to stop 38,000 ride-sharing vehicles from operating in Metro Vancouver?

THAT, ladies and gentlemen and my dear brothers is our challenge and call to action. Will we answer that call or keep fighting amongst ourselves?

Thank you,


A simple taxi driver 🙏

message passed, comments please .

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