Ride-Hailing Subsidized

We are not opposed to ride hailing service if it is brought on equal footing and following issues will be discussed about this.

  1. ICBC Insurance: Government is getting ICBC to provide insurance to ride hailing at a fraction of the real cost, so all BC Motorists will subsidize
    ride-hailing insurance.
  2. Ride Hailing will not provide wheelchair service to British Columbians so customers will Suffer.
  3. There will be no security cameras in Ride-Hailing Vehicles hence security of riders will be at risk.
  4. Taxis will pay 100 times the license fee to the Government, so All British Columbians will subsidize again.
  5. Training Program, Taxi Host has been Dumped, so there will be no trained drivers, especially to service wheelchair customers.
  6. It has been proven from evidence around the world that ride hailing drivers do not make more than $9 an hour and they bring Taxi earnings to the same level.
  7. These services add more Vehicles to the streets so more traffic and pollution.
  8. How the Government is going to implement the National Safety Code to ride hailing Vehicles is not clear yet.
  9. Up until last month age of Taxi was 6 years, this was done to ensure reliability of service but now Govt. Dropped it to 10 years to accommodate ride hailing.
  10. Number of Taxis were always limited, so drivers could earn decent wages but for ride hailing no limit.
  11. Ride hailing could charge as much as they want which is not fair for customers and Taxi Rates are set.
  12. Taxi Owners paid $100,000s for their license, which is diminished to nothing.
  13. Seat belt exemption is removed for Taxi Drivers which is dangerous instead of safe.
  14. Chauffeur Permit has been taken out of Police hands and now ride hailing and Taxi Companies could issue the permits themselves and this has been done to accommodate ride hailing.
  15. The Only Thing Not Compromised so far is the Class 4 Professional Driver’s License that Taxi Drivers drive under.